This course is designed to introduce a systemic framework for organizing strategies that lead to success. It will offer opportunities for self evaluation as students thus improving self discipline. Students will analyze the importance of having positive attitude, motivation, critical thinking beside other skills to be successful in school and life       

This course seeks to engage students not only in writing, but as well in communicating fluently in oral settings in preparation for life in the workfield.

The purpose of this course is to take a closer look at the historical past of Belize. The literature and activities that comprise this course will focus on the major events that propelled the development of modern Belize. The data taught along with the resources utilized will highlight how the events of the past have influenced the present Belizean situation within the context of governance, culture, history and other related areas.

This foundation course is designed to introduce the fundamentals of human behavior most commonly studied by psychologists. The science of psychology has gained marked significance in our society and it is pertinent that students understand the basic aspects of this vital part of human nature in order to enhance their interpersonal skills in the academic and professional arena. Students will obtain information on the methods used to study behavior and the developmental processes of the human mind in relation with human behaviour and socialization. Along with this information, students will analyze psychological disorders that will enable them to identify healthy and unhealthy psychological behaviour and suggest therapeutic mechanisms for treatment.

Introduction to Sociology is designed to familiarize students with the basic processes of human interaction, enable an understanding of social systems and social issues through sociological imagination. It briefly looks at the origins of culture, how culture affects the way we view the world, and teaches us to appreciate cultural diversity. Different social structures serves a purpose in society, and examining this purpose will help students understand how they are interconnected and how they affect their way of living in this global world.


This course is designed with the student's need to speak and write proper, eloquent English